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  • Research on automated machine tool management model

    With the development of science and technology, the advancement of industrialization, automated production has been widely used, and automated machine tools are also favored as modern equipment for automation management coordination. This paper considers that the automatic lathe may fail during the process of continuously processing a certain part. Therefore, establishing the best inspection interval and tool replacement strategy for model design makes the automatic machine tool management more mature, and then promotes the modern development of production equipment.

  • A Laboratory-Based Experiment on the Efficacy of Graphitic Carbon Nitride Doped with Tungsten Chloride in the Degradation of Organic Dye Pollutant Rhodamine-b Dye from Wastewater

    Water is an essential commodity whose quantity and quality needs to be secured for easier accessibility at both the industrial, public and household levels. However, its availability in adequate quality and quantity have continued to decline worldwide. Indeed, rise in human population coupled with the climate change phenomena have greatly impacted on the quality of water resources through increased organic and inorganic pollution. Rhodamine B (RhB) dye is a common organic pollutant majorly in industrial wastewater and with numerous environmental and human health effects. The application of of graphitic carbon nitride (G-C3N4) in the purification of wastewater to enhance the removal of RhB in wastewater is a technology of interest to most most environmental quality regulators and agencies. The study was therefore aimed at investigating the performance of graphitic carbon nitride doped with tungsten chloride in the degradation of organic dye pollutant rhodamine B dye from wastewater. The study showed that the as-prepared hybrid photo catalyst exhibits an improved photo degradation performance because of its synergetic effect. Indeed, the photo excited electrons from g-C3N4 were able to efficiently separate and are injected to the conductive band of WO3. The optimum photo activity occurred at the optimum ratio of 0.25WO3/g- C3N4. There was also stability and efficiency within the hybrid catalyst within the photo degradation process. Indeed, the composite indicates a high activity for degradation of RhB under visible light irradiation. The presence of g-C3N4 proved to be beneficial for enhancement in photo catalytic activity of the g-C3N4-WO3 composite and proved to be one of the best alternative modes of n the degrading organic dye pollutant Rhodamine B dye from wastewater.

  • Relationship among Ballast Water, Bioincrustration and Invasion of Exotic Species

    Most species of seaweed that are transported through ballast water may have been transferred also by bioincrustration. Macroalgae of the genus Caulerpa, are native to the Mediterranean. C. taxifolia is an algae indicator of conditions, often harmful, and sometimes irreversible, to the ecosystems of the invaded areas. It is necessary to implement control measures to minimize damage to the endemic species and its im-pact on the areas of occurrence. This study aimed to assess the occurrence of exotic algae on and their relationship and distribution on the coast of Pernambuco, during periods of dry and rainy seasons from 2005 to 2009. Macroalgae were fixed in con-solidated and unconsolidated substrates, being also associated with other algae and even occurring as loose fragments in the sandstone reef. These fragments could be the result of anthropogenic activities or local hydrodynamics. The absence of sea ur-chins and other herbivores associated with C. taxifolia sites pointing to an allelopathic action in the process of colonization. We consider that Caulerpa taxifolia may have been introduced recently in our coast being in process of colonization growing itself most often in sandstone reefs, which suggests an action in inhibiting herbivory through the synthesis of allelochemicals.

  • Alterations in Neuropsychological Functions after the Right Hemisphere Stroke: a Literature Review

    INTRODUCTION: Neuropsychological functions can suffer damage after a lesion in the right hemisphere of the brain. OBJECTIVE: To present an overview of existing publications concerning the study of changes in associated neuro-psychological functions after right hemisphere vascular lesion. METHODOLOGY: Electronic databases of scientific articles were searched for in the internet databases, such as Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences (LILACS) and Scientific Electronic Library Online (SCIELO). RESULTS: The studies that evaluate neuropsychological functions and alterations in the Right Hemisphere after a Stroke vary from one to the other, showing convergences and divergences between authors in this relation of injured area and impaired function. However, in general, the authors agree that patients injured in the right hemisphere after a stroke present homogeneously in several neuropsychological functions. CONCLUSION: In the course of the study, it was noticed that some of these functions such as attention, perception, visual perception, memory, language and executive functions are highlighted more often and by more than one author, which are then considered the most associated functions with HD after a stroke. More studies on changes in neuropsychological functions following the right hemisphere stroke are needed to identify different clinical profiles and contribute to the increased effectiveness of assessment and rehabilitation procedures.

  • Epidemiological Profile of Tuberculosis in the Municipality of Limoeiro, Pernambuco, for the Period 2008-2013

    Introduction: This study characterized the epidemiological profile of the reported cases of tuberculosis in the municipality of Limoeiro / PE, between 2008 and 2010. Methodology: This is an epidemiological, observational, retrospective study that used the (SINAN) obtained from the Epidemiological Surveillance of the Municipal Health Department, in which the data were analyzed according to the following variables: gender, age group, institutionalization status, area of residence, clinical form, type of entry , termination status, HIV serology. Results: In the study period, 347 cases of tuberculosis were reported. It was verified that males and individuals aged 15 years and over were the most affected by the disease, with 87.03% and 98.85% respectively. Regarding the institutionalization situation, 55.04% of the cases were institutionalized. The urban area accounted for 39.48% of the cases. The pulmonary form was the most predominant with 95.10%. The main mode of entry was the new case with 76.08%. Regarding the closure situation, the cure outcome was more frequent at 75.50%, mean treatment dropout was 3.75%, and TB-related death was 1.73%. TB / HIV coinfection represents 3.75% of the notifications, and 40.63% of the patients did not perform serology for HIV. Conclusions / Considerations: These results contribute to the knowledge of the epidemiology of tuberculosis in the municipality, thus providing subsidies for disease control planning and prevention actions, as well as suggestions for other studies and development of new public policies.

  • Socio-demographic Profile of Drug Use and Treatment in Cocaine/Crack Users

    Introduction: The current Brazilian scenario shows that abusive use of psychoactive substances directly influences social and public health problems. Objective: To describe the sociodemographic, drug use and treatment profile of cocaine and crack users under treatment at treatment units in the Arapiraca municipality, in the Agreste region of Alagoas. Methodology: This is a cross-sectional quantitative research carried out in welcoming communities in the Agreste of Alagoas, Brazil, and in the Specialized Reference Center for Population in Situation of the Street (POP Center). A sociodemographic data form was used that allowed to know the profile of the users. The data collected were inserted in a database using SPSS 21 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, United States). Results: Most of the interviewees have their own residence. Closely followed are those residing in unstable housing which reflects that this vulnerability has great influence on the use of crack. The education level of most of the interviewees is low and income less than a minimum wage, the latter factor considerable for the choice of crack. Regarding the profile of drug use, most interviewees started using marijuana drugs between 12 and 17 years of age, and between 18 and 25 years of age began using cocaine / crack. Conclusion: The study makes clear the high level of drug dependence and abuse, where users who have cocaine / crack as the drug of choice have a greater crack.

  • Design of Fault Simulation Software for Intake and Exhaust System of Marine Diesel Engine

    Aiming at the problems of high operating cost, high training cost and large site requirement of traditional marine engine platform, the software of fault diagnosis system for marine diesel engine intake and exhaust system is developed by using Visual Studio 2012 platform. The relevant mathematical model is established by numerical method, and the conversion from mathematical model to code is realized to simulate the working status of marine intake and exhaust system in normal operation and failure. The results show that the simulation system runs well with low cost and small site requirement. It can accurately simulate the normal operation and fault state of the ship intake and exhaust system. It can be used for training work and improve the actual response ability of the trainers to the fault of the ship intake and exhaust system.

  • Analysis to the Violation of Cooperative Principles in Daily Conversation and the Production of Humor

    Humor is the flash of one’s knowledge, talent, wisdom, and inspiration in language expression as well as the ability to grasp “funny or witty imagination.”.Humorous language, like a lubricant, can effectively reduce the “coefficient of friction” between people. The principle of Cooperation was put forward by Grice, a famous American language philosopher, in a speech at Harvard University in 1967. Grice believes that in the process of people’s communication, the two sides of the dialogue seem to follow a certain principle intentionally or unintentionally in order to complete the communicative task effectively. To make the communication activities go smoothly, the communicative parties always follow the cooperative principle in the process of language communication; But sometimes, in order to achieve some kind of communicative purpose, people usually break the cooperative principles and then complete the conversation in a humorous way. This paper will analyze how daily conversation can achieve humor by violating the cooperative principle. Furthermore, it is proved that the violation of the four maxims has a strong explanatory power to the emergence of humorous language.

  • Logistics Service Supply Chain service quality inspection results contract coordination under information asymmetry

    Aiming at the two-level service supply chain, which is dominated by logistics service provider (LS) and logistics service Platform operator (LP), it is faced with the problem of uncertain market demand and asymmetric information of logistics capacity service failure rate. Under the income distribution mode of LS and LP income sharing, this thesis uses the Stackelberg game principle to propose a cost-sharing compensation contract based on the result of capacity service quality test to coordinate the supply chain. The results show that the compensation contract of cost allocation can effectively solve the problem of information asymmetry and realize the growth of supply chain income. However, the overall supply chain income has not been maximized due to the inability to achieve the simultaneous coordination of LP’s effort level and capacity supply decision.

  • Emergency surgery for a Morgagni hernia causing respiratory failure

    Reports of emergency surgical repair of a retrosternal hernia causing respiratory failure in an adult are rare. We treated an 82-year-old man who had been suffering breathlessness upon exertion, some speech difficulty, and, most recently, visual hallucinations. He had consulted a physician who ordered an arterial blood gas test, which revealed hypoxemia, and thoracoabdominal computed tomography (CT), which revealed a hernia that was compressing the pulmonary parenchyma. Over the next 30 days, the hernia worsened, acute respiratory failure developed, and the patient was transferred to our hospital by ambulance. The patient presented to us not only with respiratory failure but also a decreased level of consciousness. CT performed upon admission revealed prolapse of the transverse colon from the posterior surface of the sternum to the right thoracic cavity, left deviation of the mediastinum, and compression of the pulmonary parenchyma, which we believed to be the cause of the hypoxemia. With the hernial orifice appearing to be on the right, a Morgagni hernia was diagnosed. Emergency surgery was deemed necessary. An epigastric midline laparotomy incision was placed, and we observed a retrosternal hernia, with an enlarged foramen of Morgagni measuring 70mm × 50 mm as the hernial orifice. The hernia contained portions of the greater omentum and transverse colon. We returned the contents to the peritoneal cavity manually closed the hernia orifice by simple suturing and reinforced the repair with a mesh patch. With signs of cardiac failure developing, temporary noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation was instituted from postoperative day 5 to postoperative day 11, but the patient’s general condition improved thereafter, and he was discharged on postoperative day 29.