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  • Information Sources and Utilization of Library Resources and Services by the Students of Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

    The study investigates information sources and utilization of library resources and services in Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Three objectives and three research questions were formulated for the study. The study covered students of the Federal University Otuoke. Survey design was used for the study. The population of the study was 297 students out of which two hundred and ninety five (295) was completed for analysis. Accidental sampling technique was used for the study. The data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation for all the three research questions. The finding of the study shows that there is a positive relationship between availability and utilization of library resources and services. There is a positive relationship between availability and utilization of library resources and services. There is a positive relationship between availability and utilization of library resources and services. The study was recommended that the librarian should endeavor to stock the library with those information resources which are in high request as this would lead to increased utilization by the library patrons. Librarians should ensure that library resources with subject scope, fact and concepts are acquired as this would boost all information resources acquired by the library. There should be a database that provides information resources which enables library patrons to search for information electronically.

  • Perception of Child-bearing Women on Child Spacing Information in Polygamous Homes in Kusfa Area of Zaria City, Nigeria

    Maternal mortality is a major cause of concern in developing countries. To reduce maternal mortality several public health agencies diffused child spacing information to the public. However, while most people accept and use child spacing information there remain some individuals that are resistant to it especially in developing countries. Resistance to information about child spacing is a major public health issue in developing countries, particularly in Nigeria. Using Chatman’s (2000) theory of normative behavior as a theoretical framework to guide the investigation. This study therefore set out to explore the perception of child-bearing women on child spacing information in polygamous homes in Kusfa Zaria City. A qualitative research methodology was adopted. Data were collected using in-depth interview with ten child-bearing women. Purposive sampling was used to identify respondents. To be included as respondent the following three criteria must be met: 1) have to be child-bearing women in polygamous homes in Kusfa Area of Zaria city, 2) 20-45 years of age and 3) must have a minimum of four children over the last six years. Data from respondents were analyzed using thematic analysis. Findings revealed that, injection, pills, condom, IUD and implant were the type of child spacing information communicated to child-bearing women and perceived these type of child spacing information with apprehension and suspicion. This study posit that for a sustained acceptance and use of child spacing information there is the critical need for policy makers and information professionals to design child spacing information services based on the social and cultural dynamics of the Kusfa community Zaria city.

  • Negative Experiences of Flood Victims and the Roles of Librarians and Mental Health Counselors: A Qualitative Case Study of Flood Victims in Kaduna State, Nigeria

    Flood is one of the unwanted disasters human beings experience on this earth. In order to propose for post-traumatic therapies for flood victims, this study was set up to find out the negative experiences of flood victims in Kaduna state Nigeria during and after flood disasters that occurred in 24th August, 2018. Specifically, the role of Librarians and mental health Counselors can play to cope with the undesirable experience. In order to achieve these unique objectives, qualitative research methodology was adopted and interviewed ten (10) participants. Findings of this study revealed that shocked and confused Stranded Lost of valuable materials mocking from neighborhood were the negative experiences of flood victims in Kaduna state Nigeria during and after flood disasters that occurred in 24th August, 2018. Finally, the researchers proposed some recommendations for practical intervention.

  • Masses of celestial bodies

    The calculation of the masses of celestial bodies based on the theory of vortex gravity, cosmology and cosmogony is proposed. The actual values of the masses of celestial bodies are two orders of magnitude greater than the generally accepted values.

  • Research on the Ethical Problems and Construction of Chinese Enterprises in the 21st Century

    We all know one thing very well and feel it in our daily life. Our life is getting better and better, and the enterprises around us are also becoming more and more. However, the construction of enterprise ethics is a problem that we must face in the process of economic development, and it must be solved perfectly. Why do you say that? When we are enjoying a richer and more comfortable life and the enterprise is making more profits, our food safety problems, environmental problems and medical safety problems are more exposed. While enterprises are pursuing the maximization of interests, the construction of business ethics has become a pressing matter of the moment, which is also a topic of common concern and concern to people today. This paper studies the domestic enterprise ethics problems, summarizes the current situation of the construction of enterprise ethics in China and the ethical problems, analyzes and finds out the reasons that may lead to these problems, and finds out the matching solutions from relevant studies and case analysis at home and abroad.

  • Interactive Multi-energy Complementary Island Microgrid Ecosystem

    Reliable and stable island power supply system is an important guarantee for the development of the island. Based on the island connected to the main network by cable, this paper proposes an interactive multi-energy complementary microgrid consisting of new energy generation, electric energy interaction, electric vehicle charging and discharging, home photovoltaic system, power distribution and emergency rescue. The electricity generated by the residents themselves can be used by themselves, and the excess can be sold back to the main network. This system makes full use of the characteristics of electric vehicles energy storage and mobility and participate in grid dispatching, which can improve the popularity of new energy power generation, balance the peaks and valleys of island electricity consumption and reduce the cost of electricity for residents.


    Objective: Silent cerebral ischemia (SSI) is found on cranial imaging, with no signs of stroke and has similar risk factors as stroke. There are few studies evaluating the relationship between SSI and AF. In this study, we aimed to evaluate left atrial functions and atrial mechanical delay (AED) in SSI cases with noninvasive tissue doppler imaging (TDI). Method: 39 SSI and 29 healthy subjects as control group included in this study. Atrial conduction times calculated by Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), demographic features, laboratory findings, ECG, transthoracic ECO were recorded. AED was calculated by measuring the lateral mitral annulus (PA lateral), septal mitral annulus (PA septum) and right ventricular tricuspid annulus (PA tricuspid) by TDI. Left atrial volumes were measured in the apical fourchamber view with the disk method. Left atrial mechanical functions were evaluated. The heart rate variability parameters of the patient group were compared by the holter. Results: The mean age of 39 patients (32K/7E) was 51 ± 10 years and the mean age of 29 healthy controls (24K/5E) was 48.8±5.9 years. There was no difference between the two groups in demographic characteristics (p>0,05). Blood glucose was significantly higher in the SSI group (p=0.034). Parameters related to AED were not statistically significant in the SSI group but were found longer (p>0.05). The parameters of left atrial function such as LAPEF (0,3±0,1 versus 0,2±0,1, p=0,050), LAPEV (12,1± 6,8 versus 10,3±8, p=0,197) and LATEV (23,6±11,1 versus 21,6±9,4 p=0,496) were higher but were not statistically significant. Conduit volüm (26,8±12,7 versus 21,5±16,5, p=0,017), LVEDV (91,8±24,4 versus 74,8±25,3. P=0,002) and LVESV (41,4±13,4 versus 31,7,8±15,7. P=0,003) was found statistically significant. Conclusion: Regulation of blood glucose of SSI cases and follow-up the patienst for cardiac diastolic functions, and taking into consideration that these changes may lead to prolongation at the time of atrial conduction are important.

  • Research on the Impact of Chinese Science and Technology Finance on Entrepreneurial Efficiency

    This paper is based on panel data of 30 provinces and cities in China from 2008 to 2017, The convergence of innovation efficiency is tested by σ convergence and β convergence test, Using stochastic frontier model and principal component analysis to analyze the impact of Chinese science and technology finance on entrepreneurial efficiency. The study found: Venture capital investment is more flexible than the output of entrepreneurial man-power investment, technology finance has a significant positive impact on entrepreneurial efficiency, but there is a problem of regional development imbalance. Convergence and divergence analysis found, the gap in entre-preneurial efficiency between the central, eastern and western regions is gradually narrow; Factors such as social capital, economic development level and foreign direct investment also have a positive impact on entrepreneurial efficiency. Finally, this paper also puts forward some suggestions on improv-ing the efficiency of entrepreneurship from the perspectives of upgrading science and technology financial services, developing science and technology financial innovation and entrepreneurial environment.

  • An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Interconnected Costs between Organizations

    With the development of the times, the competition between enterprises and enterprises in the traditional mode has been transformed into competition between the supply chain and other supply chains, and enterprises are in-creasingly focusing on cooperation with other companies in the supply chain. And to be able to cooperate better, organizations and organizations have to consider the cost, especially the cost of the problem after the cooperation. How to define and reduce this cost is an important factor for the organization to achieve higher returns in the supply chain. Based on this problem, this paper focuses on the definition of inter-organizational interconnection costs and its influencing factors, and conducts relevant empirical analysis.


    Increasing urbanisation, poor location of urban amenities and utilities in consideration to population concentration has made many cities face environmental, land use and socio-economic challenges. This can be mitigated against through the analysis of the interactions existing between urban natural and human systems as provided for by the geospatial technology notably Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Photogrammetry. This has made geospatial technology gain primacy in the urban studies and literature on the utility of geospatial techniques in the analysis and modelling of urban morphology has grown over the years. This paper therefore, anchors an understanding on the urban morphology and the role of geospatial techniques in studying the same.