Engineering Research and Reviews

  • Research on automated machine tool management model

    With the development of science and technology, the advancement of industrialization, automated production has been widely used, and automated machine tools are also favored as modern equipment for automation management coordination. This paper considers that the automatic lathe may fail during the process of continuously processing a certain part. Therefore, establishing the best inspection interval and tool replacement strategy for model design makes the automatic machine tool management more mature, and then promotes the modern development of production equipment.

  • A Laboratory-Based Experiment on the Efficacy of Graphitic Carbon Nitride Doped with Tungsten Chloride in the Degradation of Organic Dye Pollutant Rhodamine-b Dye from Wastewater

    Water is an essential commodity whose quantity and quality needs to be secured for easier accessibility at both the industrial, public and household levels. However, its availability in adequate quality and quantity have continued to decline worldwide. Indeed, rise in human population coupled with the climate change phenomena have greatly impacted on the quality of water resources through increased organic and inorganic pollution. Rhodamine B (RhB) dye is a common organic pollutant majorly in industrial wastewater and with numerous environmental and human health effects. The application of of graphitic carbon nitride (G-C3N4) in the purification of wastewater to enhance the removal of RhB in wastewater is a technology of interest to most most environmental quality regulators and agencies. The study was therefore aimed at investigating the performance of graphitic carbon nitride doped with tungsten chloride in the degradation of organic dye pollutant rhodamine B dye from wastewater. The study showed that the as-prepared hybrid photo catalyst exhibits an improved photo degradation performance because of its synergetic effect. Indeed, the photo excited electrons from g-C3N4 were able to efficiently separate and are injected to the conductive band of WO3. The optimum photo activity occurred at the optimum ratio of 0.25WO3/g- C3N4. There was also stability and efficiency within the hybrid catalyst within the photo degradation process. Indeed, the composite indicates a high activity for degradation of RhB under visible light irradiation. The presence of g-C3N4 proved to be beneficial for enhancement in photo catalytic activity of the g-C3N4-WO3 composite and proved to be one of the best alternative modes of n the degrading organic dye pollutant Rhodamine B dye from wastewater.

  • Design of Fault Simulation Software for Intake and Exhaust System of Marine Diesel Engine

    Aiming at the problems of high operating cost, high training cost and large site requirement of traditional marine engine platform, the software of fault diagnosis system for marine diesel engine intake and exhaust system is developed by using Visual Studio 2012 platform. The relevant mathematical model is established by numerical method, and the conversion from mathematical model to code is realized to simulate the working status of marine intake and exhaust system in normal operation and failure. The results show that the simulation system runs well with low cost and small site requirement. It can accurately simulate the normal operation and fault state of the ship intake and exhaust system. It can be used for training work and improve the actual response ability of the trainers to the fault of the ship intake and exhaust system.

  • Urban Viaducts Influence on the Vertical Concentrations of Particulate Matters

    Due to the increase of private vehicles in China cities, high-level pollution is often detected in urban street canyons. The study selected Jinlu building as the research object and used FLUCK985 particle counter to collect the particles concentration at different heights, at the same time, combined with meteorological to study the vertical variation characteristics. Finally, combined with the feature of human body, the exposure assessment method was used to analyze the effects of particulate matter on human health. The results are as follows. (1) As the diameter increased, particles number decreased. The CV (Coefficient variation) alongside viaduct was smaller than non-viaduct and the CV degree is weak or moderate. (2) The contamination degree in viaduct is greater than non-viaduct. The particulate concentration decreased with the increase of floor, but near viaduct, the coarse and fine particles showed different trends. (3) The early peaks concentration was more than evening peaks in sunny, windy and rainy days, among them, the sunny concentration was more than rainy days; the windy days concentration was changed during the different diameter. (4) the viaduct RDD was more than non-viaduct. The RDD was highest in Older; the second was Adult and Child RDD was the lowest. The RDD in early peak was higher than evening peak of which PM10 always stay on the nasal cavity. Thus the people should try to shorten linger under viaducts so as to prevent the coarse particles from causing discomfort to nasal cavity.

  • Masses of celestial bodies

    The calculation of the masses of celestial bodies based on the theory of vortex gravity, cosmology and cosmogony is proposed. The actual values of the masses of celestial bodies are two orders of magnitude greater than the generally accepted values.

  • Interactive Multi-energy Complementary Island Microgrid Ecosystem

    Reliable and stable island power supply system is an important guarantee for the development of the island. Based on the island connected to the main network by cable, this paper proposes an interactive multi-energy complementary microgrid consisting of new energy generation, electric energy interaction, electric vehicle charging and discharging, home photovoltaic system, power distribution and emergency rescue. The electricity generated by the residents themselves can be used by themselves, and the excess can be sold back to the main network. This system makes full use of the characteristics of electric vehicles energy storage and mobility and participate in grid dispatching, which can improve the popularity of new energy power generation, balance the peaks and valleys of island electricity consumption and reduce the cost of electricity for residents.

  • Assessing Plausible Options For Sourcing Spare Parts Of Earthmoving Equipment On The Profitability Of Nigeria’s Iron Ore Company

    As Nigeria takes a bold step to revive her iron ore company, it is pertinent she takes adequate account of her economic and technological limitations, in order to achieve a return on this venture. To this end, the Net Discounted Present Value approach to investment appraisal in mine economics, was employed to evaluate two feasible investment options (spare part importation and conventional sand casting) for sourcing parts of earthmoving equipment on the profitability of Nigeria’s iron ore mining company (NIOMCO),over a period of five years. Findings revealed that, both options are not profitable to the federal entity, owing to the high rate of Nigeria’s inflation (15.98%) and unfavorable market exchange rate of $1 to 359.201. However, it recommends that the entity be privatized to financially buoyant investors, able to withstand the cost of operating the company. Also, a new price has to be set, using the absorption pricing technique, in order to absorb running costs, through the projected period of five years. In addition, no additional unit of labour, be employed, due to its evident burden on running expenses, over the projected period of five years. Unfortunately, selling iron ore concentrate at the prevailing market price ($62.59) was found not to be profitable to the entity. To this effect, the design of modalities aimed at penetrating and coping in the domestic market is a necessity, to enhance the entity’s sustainability, in the short-run. This is subject to further research.

  • Gravitation Flat Power Field

    A new principle of origin and the nature of the action of gravity forces are proposed. Forces of universal attraction have plane-symmetrical directions. On this basis, it becomes possible to reconsider certain regularities in natural science. The new principle of gravitation will allow to explain physical paradoxes, to improve methods of scientific research and some technological processes.

  • Comparison of Solar Irradiance between WRF simulation and Deep Learning: Case study in Nishi Akisawa, Japan

    A This paper presents a study of evaluation for the reliability of seven-days direct normal irradiance (DNI) and diffuse irradiance (DIF) forecasts which provided by Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) mesoscale model using six-hourly interval 0.5°x0.5° input dataset obtained from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) website. 3 km spatial resolution was used to estimate seven-days simulation starting from 1st to 7th January 2017 for comparison purpose. Long short-term memory (LSTM) algorithm has been applied to make future prediction. The one-hourly values input dataset of LSTM obtained from Nishi Akisawa mega solar website is consist of one-year data of solar irradiance starting from 1st January to 31st December 2016. This dataset divided into training datasets (89%) and testing datasets(11%) where the testing datasets values was used to make future prediction of solar irradiance. The result shows the error of root mean square of LSTM algorithm is 129 W/m2 higher compare to 101 W/m2 from the WRF model for seven-days prediction but the result of this study proposed using LSTM algorithm for future prediction of solar irradiance or others parameter of weather.

  • Environmental Consequences of Receded Iyi-Ocha Lake Surrounded by Federal Polytechnic Oko, Amaokpala and Nanka Communities

    The purpose of this project is to share the finding of study and advocate the need for the administration of Federal Polytechnic Oko to undertake the issue of providing Water to the Polytechnic community as paramount and the solution to the receding Iyiocha lake which could useful in the provision of water. The poor state of water and sanitation facilities in the campus particularly the permanent site is a major factor for the declining health and the reduction in productivity among the students and staff. The major water and sanitation related ailments reported in the school apart from malaria are diarrhea and worm infestation, which indicates that water and sanitation facilities are inadequate in the campus and to ascertain the cause of solution to the receding lake. Therefore, there is a need for such facilities to be provided and upgraded in spite of the environmental consequences of the receding lake which is to be (-1.1) due to environmental impact, also in the rainy season to observe good contribution of water from the lake to the ground water ,as it ceases to discharge to the Lake during rainy season. The main objectives are to identify enough water to serve the population with adequate water supply and promoting better health practice focusing on the use of clean water, good hygienic and proper excretion disposal. Moreover rainfall data was collected from the department of Geography and Meteorology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, was used to determine the re