Scientific Research and Essays

  • Wind power cabin high temperature hot spot remote intelligent monitoring and early warning system

    With the increasing energy crisis, the development and utilization of wind energy, which is a substitute for traditional energy sources and has renewable and cleanliness, has gradually attracted the attention of people all over the world. While the wind power industry is growing rapidly and the unit capacity of the unit is gradually increasing, the operational safety of wind power equipment is receiving more and more attention. If the wind turbine component fails, the small one will result in downtime maintenance, and the other will cause the machine to be destroyed. Because the wind farm is built in remote areas or offshore areas far away from the city, the traffic is inconvenient, and the wind turbines are at high altitude, so it is very difficult to maintain the unit. Once a fault or fire occurs, it is difficult to rescue in time. Let it develop its accident. In view of the high cost of detection, the failure of detecting faults, and the high proportion of missed faults, the on-line monitoring of the operating status of wind power equipment, the real-time diagnosis of early warning faults, and the maintenance of equipment are also important. The online monitoring system is applied to the health monitoring of wind power equipment, which not only can alert the equipment to potential failures, avoid the occurrence of major accidents, but also can determine the fault type and severity of the equipment based on the integration of existing analytical methods. Save on operational maintenance and repair costs. At a deeper level, mining and analyzing the monitoring data can also complete the estimation of the equipment’s continuous running time before the major accident, promptly remind the staff and provide reasonable rescue plans and solutions.

  • Translating the Gains of Nursing Education Reforms into Quality Clinical Practice: The Role of Nursing Leaders

    Nursing reforms in Nigeria took a quantum leap in 2018 with the alignment of nursing education with the mainstream of tertiary education in the country. Year 2023 has been scheduled for full implementation of the reform. The ultimate goal of reforms in nursing education is delivery of quality nursing care. This review was undertaken to highlight the critical roles of nursing leaders in Nigeria towards ensuring that the reforms in nursing education translate to quality nursing practice. The six critical roles discussed in the paper are expected to stimulate necessary activities towards maximizing the gains of nursing education reforms in the interest of the citizens.

  • On the climate adaptability design of hot summer and cold winter regions-Taking the design works of Huzhai Sanjia Kindergarten in Lancao County as an example

    This article takes the example of the 8th China Dream Township-Product Creative Design Competition in 2019, the three-parent kindergarten in Huzhai Village, Lankao County, Kaifeng City as an example. According to the local climate characteristics, architectural forms, building materials and other aspects combined with ecological design means to create a suitable summer. Green kindergartens with climatic conditions in hot winter cold regions. The design mainly starts with the contradiction between kindergarten use and regional climate. Through the optimization design of environment design, layout optimization, lighting and ventilation optimization and material adoption, an ecological design method is proposed for rural kindergartens in hot summer and cold winter regions.

  • Simulation calculation and research of double layer metal rubber vibration isolator

    Marine diesel units will produce certain vibration and noise at work, which will affect the normal operation of machinery and crew’s physical and mental health. It is a common solution to equip diesel units with vibration isolators, so it is very necessary to optimize the design of vibration isolators. Based on diesel engine set with double layer metal rubber vibration isolator, for example, to establish the geometric model of the vibration isolator with Solidworks, and importing it into the finite element software called ANSYS Workbench to make simulation calculation, get the vibration isolator in forward loading, reverse load and radial load displacement nephogram under three working conditions and stress nephogram, get the maximum double metal rubber vibration isolator deformation, the maximum stress value and the location of maximum stress. The results show that the maximum stress of the double layer metal rubber isolator is less than the yield limit of the material, which meets the work requirements. The stress concentration is easy to occur in the center of the bottom base of the vibration isolator, that is, fatigue failure is easy to occur. Under the condition of radial loading, the maximum deformation of the case is large. The maximum deformation and stress of the improved case are significantly reduced, which is of guiding significance to the optimal design of the vibration isolator.

  • Iran Water management study

    Water resource management is a very important issue from several angles such as development of water bodies for future, protection of available water bodies from pollution and over exploitation and to prevent disputes. A paramount issue is water-its availability, quality and management. Water Management Importance. Water Management is important since it helps determine future Irrigation expectations. Water management is the management of water resources under set policies and regulations. Water, once an abundant natural resource, is becoming a more valuable commodity due to droughts and overuse Climate change is expected to intensify the existing risks, particularly in regions where water scarcity is already a concern, as well as create new opportunities in some areas. Efforts to develop adaptation strategies for agricultural water management can benefit from understanding the risks and adaptation strategies proposed to date. This understanding may assist in developing priorities for the adaptation of water resources for irrigation. The adaptation choices consider current technological perspectives and do not project future technological change; we are certain that technological change will shape some choices for adaptation in the coming decades. The greatest scope for action is in improving adaptive capacity and responding to changes in water demands, however the implementation requires revamping current water policy, adequate training to farmers and viable financial instruments.

  • Review on Denitrification Technologies of Landfill Leachate

    The disposal of landfill leachate is a difficult problem in today’s water treatment industry. The landfill leachate contains high concentrations of ammonia nitrogen, which not only increases the difficulty of biological treatment, but also wastes a lot of ammonia energy. This paper reviews the current denitrification methods commonly used in landfill leachate, analyzes their advantages and disadvantages, and proposes the future development direction.

  • Research on Thermal Protective Clothing Based on Temperature Distribution

    This paper studThis paper studies the design of professional clothing for high-temperature operation. Based on the temperature distribution inside the garment and outside the human skin, a mathematical model is established to calculate the temperature distribution. For a three layers fabric material, the heat transfer equation for the fabric layer is established. The heat transfer of the air layer between the fabric and the skin is dominated by radiant heat exchange, effectively interpreting the heat transfer mechanism of the air layer, thereby constructing the energy heat balance equation of the air layer. Combined with the initial conditions and boundary conditions, the spatial and temporal dispersion of the finite explicit difference format is performed.

  • Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of fireworks destruction safety based on AHP method

    Aiming at a large number of problems such as complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty existing in the destruction of fireworks, ahp-comprehensive evaluation method was applied to the safety evaluation of the destruction of fireworks. Taking A safe destruction operation in guizhou province as an example, combined with the actual situation on site and expert advice, A two-level structure comprehensive evaluation model of four main factors and 17 sub-factors was established, A judgment matrix was constructed, A weight vector was established, and A fuzzy matrix B was established with membership degree to obtain A comprehensive evaluation matrix D. The evaluation results show that the safety of the destruction of fireworks is good, and the evaluation results are consistent with the actual field effect. The applicability and accuracy of AHP- comprehensive evaluation method in the destruction of fireworks were verified.

  • Experimental study on scouring of coarse sand and fine sand seabed caused by propeller washing in front of solid wharf

    This paper presents the results of continuous scouring and intermittent scouring tests on two kinds of seabed soils (d50=0.7mm coarse sand and d50=0.162mm fine sand) induced by propeller washing at the front of the solid wharf. Three propellers with diameters of 70 mm, 130 mm and 150 mm were used for the test. The test results show that under the same test conditions, the maximum scouring depth of the coarse sand seabed is 8.2% to 58% deeper than that of the fine sand seabed under continuous test or intermittent scouring; compared with continuous scouring, intermittent scouring The maximum scouring depth increase caused by the coarse sand seabed is 2% to 4.8%, while it is increased to 5.1% to 37% for the fine sand seabed. The prediction formula of the maximum equilibrium scouring depth on the fine sand seabed caused by the front edge of the solid wharf during the intermittent washing of the propeller is established. This formula is a dimensionless formula, which can be applied to the intermittent scouring of the actual propeller wash.

  • Numerical simulation and analysis of coupled Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical in coalbed methane heating mining

    In order to verify the effect of heating on the effect of coal seam extraction,based on the theory of elasticity, seepage mechanics and heat transfer,a Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical coupling model for gas extraction in high temperature field is established.The numerical simulation was carried out in the engineering background of Qinghe coal mine in China.The changes situation of gas pressure and permeability under the conditions of different heating temperature were calculated respectively.The following conclusions are drawn:(1) The coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical model of gas drainage under temperature field is established, and the gas drainage effect under different working conditions is verified by numerical simulation.(2)When the heating temperature is below 453K, the high temperature can increase the permeability of coal seam,but it can not greatly increase the permeability of coal seam, and it has little effect on the reduction of coal seam gas pressure. It shows that the method of increasing coal seam permeability by heating coal can not reach the expected effect.