Natural Science and Reviews

  • Electric Vehicle Intelligent Service Cloud Platform

    In recent years, electric vehicles have developed rapidly around the world. A series of research and services for electric vehicles are also rapidly developing. Faced with the broad market demand, Yichang Ju Calling Company launched the intelligent charging and switching service cloud platform “Gathering”. Based on technologies such as Internet of Things, Internet, and big data analysis, the solution builds an intelligent vehicle cloud platform for electric vehicles. The intelligent cloud platform has an electric vehicle charging and reloading reservation, a next destination navigation charging and switching plan, and a private charging pile sharing. Charging pile inquiry and reservation, fee settlement, user community communication and other functions make the electric vehicle charging service platform more intelligent and convenient. At the same time, as a bridge between electric vehicles and charging stations, “Gathering” can combine the real-time electricity price, the degree of traffic congestion, the use of charging piles and the load of the power grid to plan more efficient and convenient charging suggestions for users. Make full use of power resources to reduce the load and cost of the grid.

  • Study on the pollution mechanism of drinking water source water to ultrafiltration membrane

    The effects of particulate matter (represented by humic acid, kaolin and algae) on ultrafiltration membranes in micro-polluted water sources were investigated, and the mechanism of ultrafiltration membranes was further understood with the change of membrane flux and transmembrane pressure difference. The results showed that the removal rate of kaolin and algae by UF membrane was over 99%, while the removal rate of humic acid was only about 72%. Moreover, the extent of UF membrane fouling caused by humic acid was larger than that caused by kaolin and algae. The higher the concentration of humic acid, the more serious the membrane fouling was. Ultrafiltration membranes contaminated by humic acid were washed by 0.05mol/L NaOH alkali and 0.05mol/L HCL acid. The permeability of the membranes was restored to 91.24% of the cleaned surface, which was better than that of pure water, sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. It can provide better guidance for choosing appropriate cleaning agents for ultrafiltration membrane fouling.

  • Plant Species Diversity for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

    Climate is one of the most important factors that influence and determine the behavior, abundance and distribution of species, as well as having a strong influence on the ecology of habitats and ecosystems structure. Changes in the behavior, abundance and distribution of species are linked to climate. Diversity and plant species are highly interlinked and the relationship between biodiversity and climate change should be explored from several perspectives. This variety provides the building blocks to adapt to changing environmental conditions which are caused due to climate change. Conserved habitats can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus helping to address climate change by storing carbon in the plant biomass. Climate is one of the major limiting factors which determine the survival and growth of plants. The conservation and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services can play a key role in helping societies to adapt to climate change. Biodiversity is affected by climate change, but biodiversity, through the ecosystem services and function it supports, also makes an important contribution to both climate-change mitigation and adaptation. Maintenance of agro-biodiversity and carbon sequestration through the process of photosynthesis is the two important and complementary environmental services of agro-ecosystems. Climate change affects biodiversity and one of the causes of biodiversity loss. At the same time climate change will accelerate further if biodiversity and ecosystems are not effectively protected. Generally due to the variation of genetic makeup within pants, different plant species diversity plays a great role in climate change adaption and mitigation process.

  • Thermodynamics of the origin of life, evolution, and aging

    The main provisions of hierarchical thermodynamics created on the basis of Gibbs thermodynamics are presented. The thermodynamic theory of the origin of life, its evolution and the aging of living beings is presented. The theory considers the change in the specific Gibbs function of the formation of structures of different hierarchies, that is, the change in the comparative stability of these structures in the course of their evolutionary transformations. The described approach should be considered structural kinetic thermodynamics, which allows us not to consider any kinetic mechanisms of processes in the evolution of various hierarchical structures. It is asserted that the principle of substance stability determines the direction of the processes of the origin of life and its evolutionary transformations. The thermodynamic theory of aging and thermodynamic nutrition allows predictions concerning healthy life and its duration. It is shown that hierarchical thermodynamics is the physical foundation of expanded Darwinism. All the conclusions and predictions of the theory are confirmed by numerous observations and experimental facts.

  • The Unified Theory of Physics

    The unified theory of physics is based on both symmetry physics and contrast physics to unify all physical laws and phenomena, all four fundamental forces, and all elementary particles. Conventional symmetry physics preserves the physical features of a system under transformation by a symmetry operator. In unconventional contrast physics, yin and yang constitute a binary yinyang system of contrary physical properties by yin and yang operators. The three fundamental symmetry operators transform the three fundamental yinyang systems (inclusiveness-exclusiveness, rest-movement, and composite-individual) into the unified theory of physics. In the inclusiveness-exclusiveness system, a particle is transformed into boson with inclusive occupation of position by the integer spin operator, while a particle is transformed into fermion with exclusive occupation of position by the ½ spin operator. The fundamental symmetry operator is supersymmetry to result in M-theory and cosmology. In the rest-movement system, a moving massless particle (kinetic energy) is transformed into a resting massive particle (rest mass) by the attachment space (denoted as 1) operator to explain the Higgs field, while a resting massive particle is transformed into a moving massless particle by the detachment space (denoted as 0) operator to explain the reverse Higgs field. The fundamental symmetry operator is the symmetrical combination of attachment space and detachment space to bring about the three space structures: binary partition space, (1)n(0)n, for wave-particle duality, binary miscible space, (1+0)n, for relativity, and binary lattice space, (1 0)n, for virtual particles in quantum field theory. In the composite-individual system, particles are transformed into fractional charge quark composite by the fractional electric charge operator, while particles are transformed into integral charge particle individuals by the integral electric charge operator. The fundamental symmetry operator is the symmetrical combination of quarks, leptons, and bosons to constitute the periodic table of elementary particles which calculates accurately the particle…

  • A Vortex Formulation of Quantum Physics Setting Discrete Quantum States into Continuous Space-time

    Any quantum state can be described by a vortex, which is mathematically a multi-vector and physically a united-measure. When the vortex formulation of quantum physics is introduced, Hamilton principle keeps its core position in physical analysis. While the global characteristics are described by Lagranrian function for dynamics and double complex core function for stable states, Schrödinger equation and gauge symmetries reveal local characteristics. The vortex-based physics provides a new unified understanding of wave-particle duality and uncertainty, quantum entanglement and teleportation, as well as quantum information and computation, with setting discrete quantum states into continuous space-time for keeping concordance of methodology in processing micro-particle and macro-galaxy. Two fundamental experiments are suggested to correct and verify the physical formulation.

  • Traction of Palatal Impacted Teeth: Description of a New Orthosurgical Technique

    Introduction: Impacted teeth are a routine finding in orthodontics and oromaxillofacial surgery, particularly impaction of maxillary teeth detected during examination of deciduous teeth and confirmed by radiographs or CT scans. This study describes a new technique for the traction of palatally impacted teeth, a procedure for which technical difficulties are often encountered. Report: A description of a new orthosurgical technique for the traction of palatal impacted teeth. Conclusion: Clinical observations revealed that this novel technique made impacted tooth traction easier, particularly for the treatment of palatally impacted teeth.

  • Diabetic Neuropathy in homeopathy

    The review article focus on Diabetic neuropathy (DN) refers to symptoms and signs of neuropathy in a patient with diabetes in whom other causes of neuropathy have been excluded. Distal symmetrical neuropathy is the commonest accounting for 75% DN. Asymmetrical neuropathies may involve cranial nerves, thoracic or limb nerves; are of acute onset resulting from ischaemic infarction of vasa nervosa. Asymmetric neuropathies in diabetic patients should be investigated for entrapment neuropathy. Diabetic amyotrophy, initially considered to result from metabolic changes, and later ischaemia, is now attributed to immunological changes.. The homeopathy treatment of autonomic neuropathy is symptomatic.


    Since a wide warm surface current, permanently flowing northeast off California, has been documented with all the available data that could be found plus helping to organize the collection of a new set of observations has happened, a search was carried out for a similar circulation feature in other oceans. Very likely there exists a wide warm surface current in the South Pacific moving southeast from the middle of the ocean and impinging on the coast of South America. In the South Atlantic a wide warm surface current appears to go south in the western half of the basin. Contained in the North Atlantic is “the large volume of warm water outside the Gulf Stream drifting north”, which was first described by Maury and confirmed recently by newer measurements. A puzzling SST observation in the northwest Indian Ocean, that in a given year two summers and two winters occur, is explained by a hypothesis that is a bit more complicated than shown by the surface currents in the other oceans. For confirmation more surface and near surface measurements are needed.

  • The principle of substance stability is the driving force of evolution

    The principle of substance stability describes the thermodynamic interactions between hierarchical structures in chemistry and biology. The note contains links of author’s recent survey studies published online.